Flares and Weather

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I have been managing my fibro pretty well since diagnosis last year.

However, this winter has been brutal. I have had 2 bad flares, one which forced me to take 3 days off work (plus I got glutened which made it worse).


This past week, again a flare. I feel like the tinman so stiff and sore and I was researching things to do to stop it.


Upon my research, I found that the extreme temperature changes and put you in flare. this is so true here in NL.  Two days ago, it was sunny and 9, yesterday, snow and cold, today snow and cold and this weekend nice and warm. My body can’t adjust to the extreme weather changes at all.

So, I’ll just suffer through or move to a desert 🙂




I Cancelled Ipsy

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I did it. I cancelled Ipsy. I enjoyed some of the products I got, however for $20 CAD, I found the value not there. 5 samples. And, when I discovered an item I liked, I could not find it Sephora.  I would be able to find it online but, the exchange rate and the shipping would have made purchasing not worth it at all.

So I cancelled. I am still with Topbox. Topbox is Canadian, and is $13 a month for 5-6 samples. What I love about it is that the products that they choose are available in Canada. Now, they do use a lot more drug-store brands as opposed to higher in products, but I’m fine with that. And, the items I don’t use, I can use as giveaways or give to my girls.


So saving money and keeping it in Canada. Sorry Ipsy but you had to go.


Family Friday -failings

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So, weeks in and a i missed 2 posts. But I had an important reason. I had a paper to finish and a final exam to study for.
I’ll admit the last couple weeks have been crazy and I have spent a lot of time at coffee shops writing and studying. So much so the mom guilt of littles “You never see me anymore mommy.” was strong.

But I explained to them that  I was in school and I had to study just like they did.

this weekend is my birthday and while  i would rather be at the spa (gift cards gratefully accepted 😉 ), I am spending it with the kids. Going to go to some craft fairs, and a children’s easter party. Because celebrating with family, that’s what it’s all about.


Now, back to your regularly scheduled posting 🙂


Family Friday – Quick Post

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I really don’t have a whole lot to say and did not plan anything today.

I am finishing up a school paper and studying for finals. The kids are great and we have a super busy weekend.


Will update next week 🙂


How to lose weight in 20 minutes (or how to take a decent photo)

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I don’t know about you but lately my social media feeds have blown up with people selling weight loss solutions. Lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks by drinking x coffee, lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks by wearing x patch, etc. It goes on and on. I am bombarded with amazing before and after photos.

While I am not discrediting the claims, I think they are not the norm and I feel that people are so desperate for a solution to losing weight that they will try anything.  And these before and afters and claims do nothing for people who are struggling. The only thing that works for maintaining weight loss is eating healthy and moving more. That’s it. There is no quick fix and the journey is long.

Here is what I did.


First Picture.

Hair is slicked back, I am slouching, no make up, not smiling and the clothing is wrinkled. In this picture I look huge and it is close up.

Second Picture:


Here, I am in full make up, hair is done. I am standing tall, smiling hand on hip. I have changed bras as well. The picture is farther away as well. I look much thinner in the second picture. It was only 15 minutes between both.

No filters on either picture.

The whole point of me doing this is to show that pictures are not always what they seem. People are trying to sell a product, not necessarily want you to get healthy and they use tricks like above to show you the best results.

Like I said, there is no quick way to lose weight and to get healthy. it is a long, hard road and there are setbacks. I  am on the journey to getting healthy and I know I have a ways to go. But I won’t taken in by quick fixes and jazzy before and after pics, and neither should you.




Ipsy – March

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Ipsy is an American Subscription Bag that will cost you around $20 CAD a month.  It comes with a themed bag and 4-5 premium samples.

What I like about it is that you get to see great new products from brands that you may not be aware of. However, It can be hard to find the full size products in Canada.


Here is March’s bag.

It’s a pretty rose gold bag.

Each bag comes individualised depending on what your beauty preferences are. Mine are mostly skin care and shadows. They also include a sheet telling you what the products are and how to use them.

And here is my bag for March

All in all I am pleased with this months bag and I am looking forward to trying out all the products!


Family Friday – sick kids and mom

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This has been a rough couple of weeks for us health wise.

K1 wound up with a wicked head cold, the Husband got it.

Then this week, K2 wound up with a temp of 103 and burst vessel in her eye. Now that everyone is finally on the mend, I am miserable. My throat is on fire.

It’s hard balancing work and being Dr. Mom. Thankfully, I have an understanding and flexible  workplace.

We watched way too much TV, ate crackers and drank a lot of juice.  And I was able to get some work done from home. But somehow, this week has drained more than when I am on the go all the time. Probably because I was brewing something, or, the kids shows have rotted my brain.

To all the moms dealing with sick kids, hang in there!



Wellness Wednesday – How I manage my fibro

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Disclaimer before I start writing this blog. I am not a medical doctor. This is what is working for me currently as of March 2019. What works for me may not work for you. I am also doing what I do under the supervision of a doctor. If you are looking to change your routine, please, please consult your doctor before doing anything. Now, onto the blog:


I am almost a year into my diagnosis. And, for the most part, I manage well. I have had  a couple of flare-ups but nothing as bad as what it used to be. Here is what I have changed:

  1. I went gluten free. Since going gluten free, I have felt so much better. All my stomach issues that I have had for years, are gone.
  2. I am moving more. I am forcing myself to work through the pain. Even if it’s just walking a bit, I do it. I find the more I sit still the worse I get. Now, when I am in a flare, yes I need to rest.
  3. Using alternate therapies. I use a chiropractor, massage therapist and osteopath on the regular. They really assist in keeping my body well.
  4. Knowing my limits. This past year I have learned to say no a lot more. I say yes only to the things that I enjoy and am passionate about.
  5. I swapped out my chemical cleaners for natural cleaners as I found the smell of cleaners flare inducing. Not only am swapping that out but in my make-up and skin care, I am going more natural. It’s better for the environment and of my health.

Basically, I started taking care of my own health, and being intentional in what I am putting and on my body. This has really helped in managing the symptoms.

As I said, this is what is working for me currently. I am glad to say that the only medicine I am on is my Iron for now. Will that change in the future? Perhaps, if I can’t manage the pain and tiredness anymore. But for now, it’s working for me.



Luxebox Unboxing

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I don’t do a whole lot of subscriptions because of the cost  but  Luxebox by Topbox is one of my favs. I get 7-8 products every 3 months.  What I love about it is that the products are either full size or deluxe sample sizes and to top it all off, this box is Canadian and is $26 and free shipping, which is really hard to get here in Canada

It comes a white box with gold lettering. I will be reusing this box for gifts:

Here is what is inside:

I  will be reviewing these items individually but here is what I got.



Full Size Two Faced Lip Balm which is $21.00 at Sephora.


Full Size Brune Nail Polish ($12 on their website):


Full Size Chapstick Total Hydration in Sweet Nectar ($5.97 at Walmart)



Full Size  Manna Miracle Balm ($19 on their website)


Mini Size Tarte Rainforest of the Sea 4 in 1 Setting Spray ($16 at Sephora)


Sample Size of Lancome Monsieur Big  Mascara


And finally 2 Masker Aide Sheet Masks ($6.00 each)

So adding this up, it was $79.97 worth of product plus the deluxe mascara sample for $26. A great deal and all products I will use for sure.


If you are interested in trying Luxe Box, you can sign up here!


Soulful Sunday – Church Tea is the Best Tea

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went to a ladies night event at mu church this past week. They meet weekly. However, due to kids schedules and me being super tired all the time (yay fibro), I very rarely go. But this was a paint night and my mom wanted me to go with her so, I did.

I had forgotten what it was like just to spend time with a bunch of ladies. We had some good laughs and some great fun. I am not an artist by any means but my picture turned out well, if I do say so myself.


While we were having our fellowship time when waiting for paint to dry, I had a cup of tea. it was the best cup of tea I have ever had. I cant brew it like they do at all and, I have always that church tea and coffee is the best tasting.

Here’s why:
We humans are meant to spend time in fellowship with one another. We are meant to spend time praying for and with each other. We Read more…

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