Most Memorable Birthday

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Birthdays! I love them! The older I get the better they get.  So many memories.  There was the time I thought my friends hated me because they ran from me in the mall (the were doing a surpirse party for me), Or the time we had to cancel my party because of a snowstorm (my birthday is in mid-April)

But I think my most memorable one was 5 years ago, we were struggling to have a child and I wasn’t getting any younger so the thought of another year child free was not a happy one.

My parents gave me a Keruig that year. I went home, brewed my first k-cup and got horribly sick. I blamed them for food poisioning. The next morning, Ibrewed another k-cup and sick again. Well, you guessed it, wasn’t food poisioning,   I was pregnant! God answered our prayers and 36 weeks later, I gave birth to my oldest daughter! It wasn’t an easy pregnancy but I have 2 little miracles (K2 came almost 3 years after K1) and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

What is your most memorable birthday?




What am I at?

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Here is what I am at  Currently:
Reading… Uninvited by Lysa Terkheurst. Amazing! Go check it out!
Playing… brass. Finally able to get back to playing after 6 months of illness!
Watching… Coronation Street! By far the best soap in the world!
Trying… to stay on top of housework. With 2 small kids, working and student hubby and my work, it is unreal. We actually put cleaning in our calender.
Cooking… freezer meals. We prep on Sundays and they only take 15-20 minutes to cook. Makes our lives easier
Eating…clean. We are making our own dips, dressings,  sauces. Trying to keep away from processed stuff. .
Drinking… Coffee. Always coffee. I the smooth taste and the caffiene kick it gives.
Calling… my mom. Every day. Even if it’s just to ask “are you still alive”. We talke every day on the commute to work.
Texting… my little brother. We don’t talk by phone but text a fair bit
Pinning… crafts that I will never get the time to do but want to do them anyways,
Tweeting… wish I did tweet. I just don’t have the patience for it.
Going… to our local AHL hockey games! I am a big fan of hockey!
Loving… online bible study! I do it with a group called Proverbs 31 and they are an amazing group of women!
Hating… the cold. Bring on summer.
Discovering… that I am getting better at this blogging thing and the more Ido it, the more I love it!
Thinking… I need more me time!
Feeling… like I need more sleep (or coffee)
Hoping (for)… my kids to have a peaceful life.
Listening (to)… our local talk radio. It makes me feel that someone is talking to me.
Celebrating… the fact I got promoted to director in my direct sales company!
Smelling… vanilla hazelnut scentsy bars
Ordering… from local buisness this year. I am trying to buy local as much as possible to support women in buisiness!
Thanking… Hubby for putting up with me!
Considering… going back to school
Starting… to exercise
Finishing… my office renos.


Favourties from Summer

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Now that Summer is finally to a close and we are starting the fall (my most favourite season!), I want to talk about my faviourites from the summer:
1)Fav drink – Berry Mania Iced tea from Steeped Tea ! You just brew, add ice and leave overnight. My kids love it and I love it. It is sweet without being sickly and there is no added sugar. It is just dried fruit and berries and really yummy!

2)Fav Non-Fiction Book – my fav book this summer was, by far, Five Habits of a Woman who Doesn’t Quit by Nicki Koziarz. It centers around Ruth and how God had a plan for her. I love the way that Nicki writes, It was like I was in her house, drinking coffee and chatting with her.

3)Fav Fiction Book – Outlander series! I loved it! Books are 100% better than the show1


4) Fav App – There are so many – but Texture by Next Issue. It’s like Netflix but for magazines. I love reading and there is nothing better than sitting on the deck with 100s of magazines at my fingertips.


5)Fav Summer thing to do: Going for walks with my kids. I live next to a really nice walking trail and it has a pond, playground and ducks. The kids and I love walking and learning about nature.

6)Fav Summer food  – BBQ Corn on the Cob! IT is the best!

7)Fav Summer Tune – My fav tune from this summer was Electric by Justin Timberlake. It made me want to dance.


8)Fav summer pastime – garage sale shopping. I love going to garage sales to see what I can find. This year, Ididn’t find a whole lot. I have a few items in mind for some projects I want to do but I Haven’t come across them yet.


9) Fav time of day: Sunset. The summer colours of the sunset are so nice, the brillant reds and pinks. I wish I could capture it.


What was your faviourte part of summer


Goal Setting

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I am not a fan of goal setting. I have an idea of where I want to go and how I want to get there but I am never  sure if it is what I want or what everyone else wants for me.

So I set  guidelines instead. Here they are for 2016-2017:
Career wise- dont have any goals but to stay the course. I do have the opportunity to take on training people and I am looking forward to the addedd responsibility, but for the first time in my adult life, I am content doing what do.
Life wise – I need to get healthy. I have had some medical issues and now I have them under control, I need to my weight back on track.

I also took stock of everything I do, and that I need to pare down. I am doing too much and not letting others take the lead of things. My guideline for this year is to learn to say no and to be purposeful in my yesses.

So nothing really tangiable but things that are attainable.

What are your goals or guidelines for the next year to come?


Happy New Year

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I always felt that September should be beginning of the new year, school starts up, activities start up and it seem like it is the start of the year.
So with this new year, there will be changes.

The big change is that my oldest starts kindergarten this year. Iam not ready for her to start. It seems like when we start school, the time goes faster and the kids grow quicker! I am excited for as she is super excited to begin this new season in her life.

Hubby is finishing his masters this school year and me, I am working and writing this blog.

Something that I discovered is that I can pre-schedule posts and work on them as needed ( I know, I know, Iam a little slow to the game).

So you will see more posts and more consistancy from me in the coming months!
So Happy New Year!


Pity Party for One

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2016 – the year of illness and injury for me. Not cool, it seems like once I get over one medical thing, another one pops up and sets me back.

It started with pneoumia, which turned into…, well we are not quite sure yet, we are still testing, , but, we know I now have allergies for the first time in my life, have to take an inhaler, and carry an epipen.

Then I hurt my hip. This has been an ongoing issue and finally, through the help of an osteopath, is back on track and healing well.

I was looking forward to playing tennis this season, but, I tore ligaments in my foot. No sooner than that was healed, I tore ligaments in my wrist and now have nerve damage there as well. Which means, I can’t type fast, which means I am on modifed duties at work, also means tennis is out this summer (I am a lefty and I injured my left hand). I can’t open a jar of peanut butter for my girls and lifting them is very difficult.

It has been very easy for me to get down about all this. And trust me, I have has moments where I want to give up. But, I know there are people who are worse off than me. I am very fotunate to have a wonderful support system from my Husband and my parents. My ailments are all minor, they just happen at the one time. I have 2 beautiful girls who still love me event though I can’t do everything I used to be able to do.

So while I get down, I rememeber the positives about the situation and I look forward. Iknow that while some of these issues are permanent, they are treatable and tolerable. I will get trhough it and I will get better.

Thanks for listening!


#VichyWorksForMe! First Impressions

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I recieved a sample of Vichy Products from Chick Advisor and was asked to use them for 4 weeks and review them throughout the process.

Here is my freebies! Super excited to try them #GotItFree! #VichyWorksForMe

Here is my freebies! Super excited to try them #GotItFree! #VichyWorksForMe

I am super excited about this! My current skin care line is not helping with breakouts and my fine lines around my eyes! I also have dark circles due to lack of sleep and dealing with two small kids!

See my lines and my circles! Yay to not sleeping and being south of thirty!

See my lines and my circles! Yay to not sleeping and being south of thirty!


So here goes, my first impressions:
What I got:
Purete Thermale Calming Cleansing Solution Micellar
Cost: $19.95  Compared at $35.00 for my current cleanser
What it is: Cleanser.

From the box:  Attracts inpurities like a magnet, so there’s no need to rub or rinse the skin. Face and Eyes are perfectly cleansed and all traces of makeup are removed.

First use:
I am concerned that  there is no foaming, it feels like water going on the skin and at $19.95, it’s expensive water. However, it did remove all of my makeup and left my skin feeling clean and fresh. I love the fact that I  don’t need to rinse it off! It’s perfect for a quick wash before bed.


Idealia Eye Contour Idealizer
Cost: $39.95  Compared at $40.00 for my current eye cream
What it is: Eye Cream

From the Box: Optical and biological correction that acts both instantally and over time. Fast absorbing, rich, and hyrdating while remianing surprisingly fresh with no oily residue.

First Use:
I can’t figure out the applicator. It is really hard and I wound up using my ring finger to pat the cream in. It did instantally brighten my eyes.

Idealia Day Care
Cost:$45.00 compared at $55.00 for my current day cream
What it is:Day cream

From the Box: Your first corrective care for the early signs of aging. Enriches with Vitamin E and Kombucha. It iproves skin radiance and minimizes the look of fine lines and pores.

First use: A little of it goes a long way and it did moisutrize my skin all day. My only complaint is that my current day cream has sunscreen and this one doesn’t, so Ineed to do the extra step of sunscreen.

All in all, reall nice first impression and I am excited to see what the next 4 weeks will bring by using these products.



DIsclaimer: Although I have recieved this product for free, all opinions are honest and my own personal views! 


#BDEM Date Night

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Ahhhh Date Night. What is that? When is that?

I don’t remember the last time we went on a date (We have been married for 8.5 years and have 2 kids remember).

Actually, I do. My mom wanted a sleepover with the girls.  Which was great. You know, we’d go out to a nice dinner, Go to a movie then come home for some adult playtime.

What actually happened:
“What do you want to do?”

“I dunno, what do you want to do?”

We went out to dinner (no where fancy), were too tired to go out to a movie, came home and were asleep by 11:00. The joys of being a parent, being too tired to enjoy each other 🙂

Our idea of a  good time is going to bed and the kids sleeping all night 🙂

That said, this weekend coming, the girls are having another sleepover, this time on a Saturday night (so we can recover from the craziness of the week on Friday evening) and we are going out with friends to an escape room place! It will be a laugh and we will get to reconnect as T & S, not mommy and daddy.

We will probably still be asleep by 10:00 though 🙂


#BEDM Top Tips

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I have a confession to make,

I am in direct sales. Thirty-One gifts to be exact! I love it! (Check me out Here for shameless self-promotion)  In my capacity, I am asked to do trade shows and vendor fairs. As a vendor, here are my top tips to make your experience as a vendor successful

  1. Don’t overload your table with products. Keep it simple and pretty. If your table looks cluttered or jam packed, people tend to pass you by.
  2. Stand if you are able. If you are unable to stand because of illness or injury, sit close to your table, up straight, don’t slouch.
  3. For the love of all things, STAY OFF THE PHONE! There is nothing worse then passing by a table and the vendor is face and eyes into their phone. It looks so unprofessional.
  4. Dress the part. Dress for your event, I dress differently for a bridal show than I do for a spring fair at a school.
  5. Know your audience and cater to them. If I am doing a kids vendor show, I would make sure the products I showcase can be used for kids. If I am doing a bridal event, I will have products that make great bridal party gifts, etc.
  6. Be friendly. Talk to everyone. Even if it is just “hi” That is fine.
  7. Tell don’t sell. Show what your products can do for people without pushing sales.
  8. Network with other vendors. Be friendly with them. exchange business cards. You never know when that card may come in handy.
  9. And last, but most, HAVE FUN! The whole point of doing vendor and trade shows is to get your name out there. Have fun with it!

What tips would you add?


#BEDM – Cinco de Mayo

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I know nothing about Cinco de Mayo except that it is literally translated to May 5. But I can tell you in one semester of university, I did English, French, Spanish and Latin. It was the worst semester of my life because I kept getting Latin, Spanish and french mixed up. However, looking back, because of the Latin, I am able see where words are coming from and can guess their meaning. I do not know a whole lot of spanish, but I am able to see where spanish words can come from.

Plus it makes be good at jeopardy 😉

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