Parents who are “Extra” – No Guilt and No Shame.

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I read an article on the Huff Post over the last week entitled “Can We Bring the Holidays Down a Notch?” The article is asking parents to stop going all out for the minor holidays like Valentine’s and St. Patrick’s Day,  100 Days of School and the list goes on and on.

While I appreciate the sentiment of how it could make your children feel to be left out, if you choose not to participate in these holidays, the article is shaming those parents who participate in this way.

In our family, K1 has asked why we don’t do the Elf on the Shelf. We had a discussion about family traditions. We told our children that every family is different, and every family has their own traditions around certain holidays and we do not do the Elf on the Shelf, however, we have our own traditions (Which both K1 and K2 love and look foward to each year).

Here’s the thing, you do you. If you’re  the Queen of Pinterest, go for it (I envy the crafty mamas!. If you want to celebrate each holiday with presents and cake, go for it. If you don’t, don’t. You do want works for your family and I will do what works for mine.

There is no need for trying to keep up with the classmates nor to shame parents who do, or shame parents who don’t.

Talk with your kids, get a feel for what they are expecting and then explain to them what to (or not) expect.  They can handle it and they won’t be disappointed. Make your own traditions that don’t involve money, or time-consuming crafts or creepy dolls (yes, the main reason why we don’t do the Elf, is because I find it super creepy looking. Yep I went there).

Make traditions involving family and quality time. The kids won’t remember the gifts, but they will remember the time you spent making leprechaun traps together, or, in our case, cooking a family meal together.

Love and Peace



I’m Back and will do better.

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Hey all:

Here is the deal. Ever hear the road to hell is paved with good intentions? Well, the road to this blog is paved with good intentions. But here we are almost a year later and I have not updated the blog at all.

But I love to write and I love to document my life.

Here is an update: Husband finished his Masters and wound up as a Fellow. which is very hard to do. I am trying to finish a BEd. but it is going slowly. I am feeling okay with the fibro. Cutting gluten has really helped but I have a couple of bad flares.

K1 is in artistic swimming and loving it. As well as Brownies, she is busy. K2 is in pre-k and is so beyond ready to start kindergarten in the fall.

The Plan:
The plan. My aim is to write 3-4 times a week. Each day will have a theme. And the themes will be based on my interests and my likes.

So it will be:
Makeup Mondays – let’s talk beauty and fashion.

Wellness Wednesdays – Focus on health, physical and mental

Family Fridays – focus on family and parenting.

Soulful Sundays –  This where I will focus on matters of the heart and soul. they will not be weekly.

I may add more posts based on what I feel like  but they won’t be weekly. The 3 weekly posts are the things that  I  know well and love well.

Please readers – keep me accountable!


Love & Peace



I am gone natural

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Once upon a time, there was girl, this girl loved using chemical products to clean her house. However this girl couldn`t stand the migraine inducing smell of cleaners, but she knew the house was clean because of that smell. This girl used to make fun of people who used essential oils, vinegar and baking soda to clean. She thought they were “Granola crunching hippies” who were afraid of science.

This girl got diagnosed with fibromyalgia. This girl was me!

Since my diagnosis a couple of months ago, I have been doing a ton of research online and in libraries (there is something about smelling books that I love). Everything I have read has said that flare ups and symptoms can be diminished by reducing chemicals in the home as well as cutting out inflammatory foods (post on that later).

So how do I make sure my home is clean and safe without using the chemical cleaners we know and love as a society? I found essential oils.

Now I see you all rolling your eyes, thinking I am one of those granola crunching hippies and maybe I am. But if you do your own research (I am not here to convert anyone to essential oil use and it’s benefits), the science is there and it does show that using natural products like vinegar and oils are just as effective at cleaning and disinfecting as the chemical cleaners but it doesn’t have that lasting migraine inducing spell.

I am not an expert in essential oil use yet. I am planning on taking some courses to fully understand. That said, The house is clean, and it smells nice (not chemically).

Big caveat, make sure that if you are going to use oils to clean, that you do your own research and that you purchase ones that do not have anything else added to it except for oils.


Have fun experimenting, let me know what you have tried!

Love and Peace



Elevate your Coffee Experience!

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I want to tell you all about the awesome coffee tasting experience I had for my Mother’s Day gift!
The event was called Elevate your Coffee Experience hosted by the Rose Manor Inn and Good Karma Coffee.

I drove to Harbour Grace to the Rose Manor Inn.  This a beautiful hidden gem in the heart of Harbour Grace. You all need to check it out. the outside is just a small taste of the beauty on the inside of this historic B&B.  I was met by Erika who was very friendly and gave me a grand tour! I fell in love with the inn and will be staying there in August.

Outside of the Rose Manor Inn. Beautiful Spot

Once everyone arrived we started in on the Coffee tasting. Hosted by Steve Bannister of Good Karma Coffee, we were schooled in all things coffee. I learned how to do the pour over technique of brewing.

Good Karma Beans!



Then the food, each coffee tasting was paired with an excellent dessert!



After we were full, the chef brought out Touton BLT’s his specialty! And I can see why, delish!

Partridgeberry Scone and BLT Touton


All in all it was a beautiful day and I look forward to spending more time at the Rose Manor Inn in the future! If you every get a chance to come here to NL, please visit Rose Manor Inn, also check out Good Karma Coffee on Sundays in Brigus at the Some Good Market





We’re Back!

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Hey all. It has been 2 years.

2 long years of working, illness and injury.
So here is an update:
I still have 2 girls now 6 and almost 4. One is finishing grade 1 and the other is gearing up for Kinderstart.
They are both in swimming however K1 is in Synchro as well.
Still married to my patient and wonderful husband. He does more than most do.
Now… the big thing…. I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. Which explains all the pain and medical issues I have had over the past 3-4 years. Fibromyalgia is a condition that causes chronic pain and fatigue.

It is a big change and there will be big changes coming in my life. I don’t know what to expect as of yet as this is brand new to me.

It is one of the reasons why I wanted to start blogging again. I wanted somewhere to discuss my issues with my illness and what is working (or not) for me.

Now, this blog is not going to be all about chronic pain as I am still functional most days and I still hold down a job and have a busy life with my kids. So I will be still posting tips, tricks, reviews, and random thoughts. Like my life, Fibromyalgia will not define me nor will it define this blog!

There will also be changes in this blog. I am working with a designer to get a sweet new logo and page! Stay tuned!


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This ain’t your grandma’s AquaFit Class

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I hurt. My shoulders, my legs and my core.
I am in a lot of pain today.
Because, yesterday, I went to AquaFit. Now, when I think aquafit, I think old ladies dancing in water and very low key workout, Which is want I wanted yesterday after having the family over for Turkey Dinner.

That is not what I got….
I got 1 hour of hard core interval training in water by ex-military. I was pushed to my limit and I loved every minute of it. We worked hard with water weights, noodles and using the water as resistance.

It was amazing and I felt great, tired but great afterward. But now, I hurt. I think I over did it!

I can’t wait to go back again!


Never Ending Fundraising

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So I am enjoying the kindergarten run of K1.

But I hate the never ending fundraising . So far (and it’s only a month), we have had Terry Fox Run (an excellent cause don’t get me wrong), dress down day ($1.00 where the kids do not need to wear their uniform), Magazine sales, scholastic book orders (my downfall and the Husband had to put a budget, if  I had my way we would have $100’s in books), Food bank donation (again another worthy cause), Bake sale (this Friday). Where does it end? This is just school, this does not take into account the extra-activities K1 is in (Girl Guide Cookies anyone?).

I get it, schools need $$ to run. But where does it end? I have already exhausted my friends and family and its only October!

Every year it is the same, facebook explodes with parents selling on behalf of their kids school, dance, sports, etc. Never ends.

So I apologize for the Facebook posts asking to buy, really don’t feel bad if  you don’t purchase, I won’t be offended unless it is the Mint Girl Guide Cookies. Those are the best and everyone should buy them because they are amazing! Seriously, I could eat a box in one sitting (just joking people, it was 1/2 a box and then an hour later I finished them off)!

But if you decide to support my kids, thanks and if not, thanks for not hating me!

Now, off to make cookies for the bake sale (Mint Girl Guide Cookies are not allowed, I checked)!


Love and peace,




One Month In

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So K1 has been in school for 1 month. Kindergarten. Wow.  I have seen such a difference in her. She has matured so much in one month and I have lost the tiny preschooler and now have a compassionate little girl. She is very kind hearted in school. It is amazing to see the change in her, however, part of me  misses the little girl she was.

Her school is amazing. They focus on the needs of the children and they challenge them and teach them how to learn, study and ask questions.

One incident K1 told me about was that another child emptied her bucket (made her feel sad by calling her name), the momma bear in me wanted to march up to the school and beat the other child (no I am condoning violence, but my baby was sad and hurt and I was angry). I asked her if the school did anything to deal with it.

K1 said they sat in a circle and talked about feelings and name calling and how calling people names empties their bucket and that is not kind.

They did a “code of conduct ” that the children had to sign (in their horrible Kindergarten printing). By doing this, each child is taking ownership of the classroom and learning acceptable behavior. I am glad this was the way the name-calling was dealt with. This is teaching each child how to behave as well as teaching empathy and ownership of their actions.

Like I  said, one month in and we are doing well. K1 is loving school and hates the weekend when she is home with us! She wants to go back with her friends. The only thing she doesn’t like is the fact that her sister is not there (K2 is 2) and she misses her. K2 misses K1 too.  Soon I will have 2 in school and life will fly by in a flash!


Thanks for listening!


#loveyourspouse Challenge – Why all the Hate?

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I don’t know if you heard about the #loveyourspouse Challenge on facebook. But the basis is that you post 7 pictures in in 7 days showing pics of you and your spouse that defines your relationship.

I think this is such a cute challenge. It meant to be taken lightly and light-hearted. However, there has been some pushback. Some people think that it doesn’t show the “real” parts about marriage, you know, the dirty parts. The parts where you are always in love with the hubby. And that we should be encourage to show the “real”.

I don’t know why so much hate around the #loveyourspouse challenge. Like I said, I think it gives you pause to remember why you got  with your spouse in the first place. It helps you to remember the good, while you are dealing with the mundane, the gross (we have a toddler), the unattractive.

When I see the pictures of smiling couples, it helps me remember the good times and that our times are good (most of the time). Yes we have ups and downs (what couple doesn’t) but it helped us remember to take time to chat together!

So take it for what it is, a lighthearted way to show some love to your other (better) half!


NIVEA Product Review!

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I received the following products from the Chick Advisor Product Review Club (www.chickadvisor.com Check it out! I love this site)

This is a nice value priced crème. It did moisturize well but I felt that I needed to reapply throughout the day. I felt that I needed more moisturizer. It felt like it just went on the top of the skin and was not absorbed. However, I would use this again if my normal brand was not available.

NIVEA Creme Care All-in-One Facial Cleansing Lotion
It is a value priced cleansing lotion. I liked how it foamed, it didn’t strip my natural oils while keeping my face fresh and clean in the morning.
In the evening, I used this to wash after I removed my make up. It felt like it got the make-up my remover missed.
I liked it a lot.

NIVEA Creme Care Facial Cleansing Wipes
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, these wipes. One swipe and my mascara and eye make-up are removed! Another swipe, my foundation was gone. One last swipe and my face was feeling fresh and clean! There was a slight scent but it wasn’t overpowering. I tend to only use wipes for travel (easier to pack than my cleansers)
I would definitely use these again for sure.

NIVEA Essential Lip Balm
It was the only product that I did not like. I found the balm to be greasy, and it did absorb the way that I like my lip balm to work. I had to apply many times in order to get some relief for my dry lips. This is a pass for me.

NIVEA Protect & Care Anti-perspirant/Deodorant
A little caveat:
This is the only anti-perspirant I will use and it is my normal brand. I love this. The scent is light, and the anti-perspirant works all day. It doesn’t stain my clothes and keeps me feeling dry and not sweaty. I use this for the gym, and it works great there as well. During my day job, it works all day and I go home feeling fresh and clean and no sweat stains. It doesn’t dry out my skin nor does it irritate my skin (especially after a shave). I would recommend this to anyone!

If you want to purchase these products, your local department store and/or drug store carries the Nivea brand!


Disclaimer: Although I received these products for free, all comments and reviews are my own opinion.

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